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Mar 8, 2022

Fizz Facial Bar In Conway, AR Makes Self Care Accessible And Fun!

Fizz Facial Bar Staff
Fizz Facial Bar Staff, Conway, AR | Photo Cred: Kalen Kemp, atLocal

Every now and then (read, often), we all need a little TLC. Making time to care for ourselves and encouraging others to do the same is so important! The more we invest in our own wellbeing, the more we can give our time, energy, and love to those around us!

Fizz Facial Bar Eye Treatment
Fizz Facial Bar Eye Treatment

If you’re in Central Arkansas, Fizz Facial Bar is the place to go to do a little self care! Fizz is everything you want in a luxurious spa, minus the high price tags and hefty time commitment for treatment. There’s truly something for everyone here at Fizz. Facials start at just $39, and you can be in and out (completely rejuvenated) in about half an hour! This place follows a “NO FUSS… JUST FIZZ” motto. They are proud to offer affordable and efficient services, making self care accessible to so many people.

Fizz Facial Bar Welcome Desk
Fizz Facial Bar Welcome Desk

The treatments on the menu at Fizz Facial Bar target different kinds of skin concerns, like aging, acne, dryness, oiliness, and more! Unsure about which treatment is right for you? Don’t sweat it! The talented staff will assess you and suggest the best facial for your skin concerns.

A word from the founder - Crystal King Booth, Licensed Esthetician:
“... Tim and I relocated to his home state of Arkansas in 2017. Having left every industry contact and client I’d ever known and with the understanding I’d have to start fresh in Arkansas, Tim suggested I open a place of my own. The idea took some getting used to… but after crunching numbers with Tim, who is not only my husband but also a CPA and Attorney (and now CFO of Fizz), I settled into the idea of opening a spa… I wanted to do something fresh, and I wanted to create opportunity for not only myself but other skin care professionals as well. From this, Fizz Facial Bar was born and became an overnight sensation!”

This facial bar is so much more than a spa - it’s a passion project! The staff is warm, inviting, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about what they do. They truly want to see their clients relax and enjoy the effects of their treatments. You’ll feel it in the air the moment you walk in - the true love for what they do.

Fizz Facial Bar Cryo Globes
Fizz Facial Bar Cryo Globes

You can get any of eleven different types of facials at the Fizz Facial treatment bar!

  • Enzyme Glow - Fruit & botanical acids gently exfoliate to reveal a fresh glow
  • Hydracalm - Hydrate & soothe while cooling, calming & nourishing
  • Bye Bye Breakouts - Detoxify, balance & soothe inflammation while targeting breakouts
  • Chemical Peel - Level 1 exfoliation with pro beauty acids for a multitude of benefits
  • The Fizz - Clarify, stimulate & awaken skin with a bubbly burst of fizzy enzymes
  • Microdermabrasion - Diamond exfoliation gently removes surface dead skin cells
  • Upgraded Chemical Peel - Level 2 exfoliation with advanced clinical formulas
  • Firm Fusion - Exclusive combo tightens, enhances cell renewal & reenergized collagen
  • Power Polish - Diamond microdermabrasion with liquid or enzyme exfoliants
  • Triple Effect - Chemical exfoliation, microcurrent & serum infusion lifts, refines & revitalizes
  • Fire & Ice - Resurfaces & rejuvenates using innovative clinical ingredients
  • Rezenerate - Non-invasive advanced nanotechnology or serum infusion & micro-exfoliation
  • Teeny Tweeny - Fun & friendly ingredients for kids ages 5-12

Fizz Facial Bar LED Light Therapy
Fizz Facial Bar LED Light Therapy

Want to up the effects of your Fizz Facial? Try one of these refreshing add-ons:

  • Firming - Lift & firm with microcurrent
  • Neck - Extend entire facial to collarbones
  • Light Therapy - Targeted LED energy
  • Cryo Globes - Cooling facial massage
  • Massage - Choose extra neck or hand/arm massage
  • Extractions - Removal of blackheads and build up
  • Eyes - Brighten, de-puff & soften lines
  • Lips - Exfoliate & soften
  • Beauty Shot - Drinkable collagen & vitamins
  • Exfoliation Booster - Enhances exfoliation

Fizz Facial Bar Private Treatment Room
Fizz Facial Bar Private Treatment Room

Want a more classic “spa day” feel to your facial? Enjoy one of these 8 treatments in Fizz Facial Bar’s Private Room!

  • Dermaplaning - Gently exfoliate and remove peach fuzz for a smooth, soft glow
  • Spa Facial - The ultimate in relaxation, customized for even the most delicate skin
  • Acne Facial - Active ingredients paired with LED Light Therapy to treat stubborn acne
  • Anti-Aging Facial - Face lift massage and LED Light Therapy to focus on tone & texture
  • Chemical Peel - Customizable for all skin types & concerns with a variety of pro beauty acids
  • Derma-Duo - Manual and liquid exfoliants paired for a double dose of benefits
  • Fire & Ice - Resurfaces and rejuvenates using innovative clinical ingredients

Rezenerate - Non-invasive advanced nanotechnology for serum infusion and microexfoliation

Fizz Facial Bar Service Menu
Fizz Facial Bar Service Menu

The amount of services offered are astounding! Not to mention, you can get a gift card for those special people in your life to give themselves a little attention! For information about Fizz Facial Bar services, pricing, and more, visit them online and on social media - you can find them on Facebook and Instagram! Not in Central Arkansas? Relax! You can find a Fizz Facial Bar in five different locations - Conway and Jonesboro, Arkansas and Georgetown, Nicholasville, and (soon to be in) Lexington, Kentucky. Get your Fizz on!