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Mar 7, 2022

The April Home In Central AR - Perfectly Vintage Clothing, Furniture, And Home Decor Found For You!

Rosewood Thrifts
The April Home by Anna Barnard in Conway, AR | Photo Cred: Kalen Kemp, atLocal

In April of 2020, just a few days after the world went quiet due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Anna and Kevin Barnard got married! They conjoined their two tiny apartments into a spacious house and quickly found out that their small amount of belongings left their new home feeling barren and empty.

Through the pandemic, Anna and her new husband spent a LOT of time in their new house, and she came to understand the importance of our homes! She set out on a mission to fill her new space with decor that represented them, all while sticking to a pretty tight budget!

The April Home Founder, Anna Barnard
The April Home Founder, Anna Barnard

Anna started her thrifting journey on Facebook Marketplace since, you know, all the stores were closed because of the virus. She stumbled across too many deals to count! Soon, her home was full of cozy and vibrant decor that matched her personality to a tee, and she and her husband felt so much more at home!

Though her home was complete, Anna couldn’t help but continue snagging amazing deals! Soon enough, thrift stores, yard sales, and estate sales began to open back up, and the supply was bountiful. A lightbulb went off in Anna’s head - surely, other people want to reap the financial and economical benefits of secondhand shopping, too, but probably just don’t have the time for the hunt.

Anna Barnard, owner of The April Home
Anna Barnard of The April Home, Conway, AR

Anna confidently started her business - The April Home - to do the hard work of thrift shopping for you and me! She curates adorable vintage pieces – clothing, decor, and furniture – full-time so that we can all enjoy that thrifty style without the headache of scouring the stores and sales 24/7.

So, why should you buy secondhand? What’s stopping you from passing up on The April Home goods and heading for Target? Well, besides the fact that the pieces Anna finds are one-of-a-kind and absolutely to die for, secondhand shopping is so good for our planet!

vintage wicker shelf
The April Home Vintage Wicker Etagere (SOLD)

By purchasing things that are found secondhand, you’re:

  • Reducing waste;
  • Supporting your community;
  • Giving new life to an item that would otherwise go to a landfill;
  • Making more conscious and thoughtful consumption habits;
  • And likely saving money!

As Anna says, “secondhand does not mean second best!” Actually, the opposite is almost always true! If you trust a pro like Anna to do your thrifting for you, you’ll likely wind up with more high-quality and long-lasting products than you would if you purchased from today’s big box stores. Things of the past were made with more intention.

wicker chair
The April Home Unique and Curated Vintage Furniture

Anna also encourages us to shop secondhand for all our gifting needs! Here are a few of her favorite thrifty gifts to give all year long:

  • A unique and personal coffee mug for a friend paired with some locally roasted coffee and ethical chocolates for a perfect, consumable gift.
  • Choose a frame and fill it with a sentimental photo. Or have a photo or quote commissioned for the frame by a local artist!
  • Find a multi-purpose vintage wicker basket and fill it with gift cards and goods from your receiver’s favorite local vendors!
  • Source some fancy secondhand glasses and gift them in tandem with a bottle of the receiver’s favorite alcoholic beverage.
  • Keep your eye out for vintage sweatshirts and t-shirts with their favorite sports team or musician for a wearable gift!

Secondhand shopping is good for the community, the planet, your wallet, and especially for creating a unique and eclectic personal style! Support Anna and The April Home by following her on Facebook and Instagram. Keep an eye out for her next drop - we’re sure there will be something you’ll just have to have!