bramble marketplace

The Bramble Market in West Little Rock, AR | Photo Cred: Kalen Kemp

Job loss has affected so many of us, whether directly or indirectly. But David Rice, owner and founder of The Bramble Market, says losing his corporate employment was one of the best things that ever happened to him! Several years ago, David found himself being laid off by his employer of 6 years after an acquisition which deemed his position irrelevant.


The Bramble Market - David Rice

In the last weeks of his job, he got to work and started scribbling out huge ideas for a business of his own. He realized that there was virtually no consistent local marketplace within a reasonable distance to be considered accessible for West Little Rock residents. So David, along with his wife and brother, came up with The Bramble Market.

pumkins and flowers

The Bramble Market Outdoor Space

David began asking people he knew in the community how they felt about having a locally sourced grocer/market in their area, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. To say there was a demand for this type of business is an understatement! A few generous donors and hard-working employees later, The Bramble Market opened its doors. 

canned goods

Local Jarred Goods at The Bramble Market

You can visit year-round to shop for local and natural groceries, goodies, and gifts without all the hassle of shopping in big box stores! Sitting on four acres, The Bramble Market has ample space to conduct its usual business of running the grocery, as well as host local events of all kinds–a great way to support vendors.


Local Fresh Produce at The Bramble Market

From local, farm-raised meats, to fruits and veggies sourced right down the street, The Bramble Market only stocks the freshest of groceries. Shop with peace of mind knowing your food has been raised or grown ethically and that your purchases are supporting real Arkansas families. You can even buy meals that are ready-to-eat! You’ve got to check this place out for yourself! If you visit on a Friday or Saturday, you’ll probably even catch a local food truck camped out on the grounds.


Baked Goods at The Bramble Market

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, consider attending one of The Bramble Market’s Farm2Table Dinners! You can expect delicious meals prepared by a professional chef using only local ingredients, live music, and an amazing time! You’ll have to pay close attention to The Bramble Market’s social media accounts though, because these events fill up fast!


Handmade Gifts from Local Vendors at The Bramble Market

You can support The Bramble Market by shopping with them, attending events on their grounds, attending a Farm2Table Dinner, and by interacting with them on social media! 

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